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Nuclear Sites & Accident Assessment

Radionuclide Surface Water Transport Assessment Examples

  • Rivers:
    • Clinch and Tennessee Rivers (TN)
    • Columbia River (WA)
    • Frank, Buttermilk, Cattaraugus Creeks (NY)
    • Mortandad, Los Alamos Canyons (NM)
    • Pripyat, Dnieper Rivers (Ukraine) for Chernobyl
    • Ob, Irtysh, Tobal, Iset, Techa Rivers for Mayak Site (Russia)
  • Estuaries
    • Hudson River Estuary (NY)
  • Coastal Water and Oceans
    • Pacific coast of Japan
    • Irish Sea
    • Kara Sea
    • Hypothetical 3000-m deep ocean ( ~ 2,800-m site in Atlantic Ocean)
  • Hanford Site 1-million Gallon Radioactive Waste Storage Tanks (WA)

Specific nuclear sites Dr. Onishi has worked at (English):

Specific nuclear sites Dr. Onishi has worked at (Japanese):

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